Wayne Gardner has extensive experience in the merging of existing companies and the acquisition of businesses. His skills as a business attorney give him the experience needed to analyze a deal inside and out, ensuring every term is covered clearly in the contract and upheld legally in a court of law. He also helps clients with their due diligence, making sure that all information is supplied, and that there are no loopholes or pitfalls awaiting investors.

Advantages of A Business Lawyer

Business lawyers can help secure all portions of a business; reducing risk of your business. This is important when valuing your company as an asset in a potential merger or acquisition.

Buying And Selling Businesses

Create a contract for sale of your company. Take stock of what assets you can leverage in the valuation of your corporation, such as: fixed assets, real assets, employee talent, and intellectual property. Valuing these items, and ensuring the value transfers by means of the completed sales contract is the specialty of the business lawyer. Contact Wayne Gardner to ensure the sale of your business or the purchase of another goes smoothly — with no unforeseen legal ramifications.

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