Ensure Smooth Dealings and Business Transactions

By having a skilled business lawyer put together your business deals, you can avoid costly and damaging litigation in the future. Wayne Gardner and the partners at Gunderson, Denton & Peterson have extensive experience in establishing buy-sell contracts, negotiating terms for deals between businesses involving the exchange of goods, services and equity, and establishing procedure to ensure lawful business deals.

Upholding contracts

Wayne Gardner can perform litigation for you in the event of breach of contract from another party. In transacting business, failure to produce on the expected or agreed deliverables is considered a breach of contract. A good business lawyer can help enforce a remedy that returns the deal to an equitable status for both the parties, and allows business to continue. Lack of such an agent can result in improper remedy, further breach and damages, and the dissolution the deal. We protect you legally so you can focus on doing what your business does best.

Ensuring Value

Contracts can be written in such a way as to create unfair circumstances for one party in a business arrangement. In the case of unfair financial dealings, a remedy can be sought in state or federal law, to invalidate the unfair portion of the contract. This can give a business leverage to rework a deal to make the transaction advantageous and keep the business from violating a portion of its contract and winding up in default.

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