Wayne Gardner and his partners assist new startups and companies with business formation. We help you choose the correct type of corporate entity. We prepare the contracts and basic agreements that a new company or entity will need. It is essential to the long-term success of any enterprise that you create the most advantageous corporate entity possible — it can make a significant difference in long-term profit structure.

The type of business entity you choose — partnership, joint venture, LLP (limited liability partnership), sole proprietorship, S-corporation, C-corporation, or an LLC (limited liability companies) — can make a big difference. Each type of business has specific methods of taxation and different levels of legal liability for the principals and directors. There are also differences in the ownership structures; such as partnership as opposed to sole proprietorship.

We stand ready to prepare all the needed paperwork to get you and your enterprise into compliance with state and federal law, so as to create a secure legal environment in which your company can grow. We can help with every aspect — from advising and venture capital information — to creating the entity and registering it for the needed tax and legal identifications.

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